The Importance of Staying Creative - Photography in Havanah Glen

Joe and Chris practice social distancing by escaping the city and getting out into nature for some photos in a local state park, Havanah Glen.
Now is a wonderful time to get away from people! To venture away from the city and take time to discover what natural beauty is around you. Joe and Chris discuss staying creative and the measures they are taking to keep the artistic juices flowing while practicing social distancing. One such measure was a trip to Havanah Glen State Park in Montour Falls, NY.

It's important as artists to remember to have creative projects just for yourself. Just to keep you fresh and eager to create more! Chris and Joe share their favorite activities to do in their down time and what they do to seek out new inspiration. For Chris, it's taking drives to previously unexplored local areas, enjoying time with his wife and taking pictures of his cat. For Joe, it's getting out into nature for a hike and landscape photography, spending time with his family including his baby girl, and seeking out projects that other artists have shared online for fresh new ideas.

Joe also created a vlog of the trip to Havanah Glen Here:

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