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Work Life Balance as a Photographer

Balancing personal and work life while doing both at home can be tricky. And did Joe block Chris on Instagram?

What to Learn as Photographers from 2020

2020 was a terrible year for everyone including photographers. Chris and Joe discuss what they learned from the past year and what they are taking forward into 2021. ...

Overcoming Anxiety and Imposter Syndrome as a Photographer - Bokeh Banter 11

Chris and Joe share some of their biggest challenges that they have faced as photographers and how they overcame or are working on overcoming them.

Personal Style and Personal Creativity as a Photographer

Chris and Joe discuss the differences in photography on skill vs creativity vs personal style. Also Joe's thoughts on scotch.

Killer Bees and Broken Legs

Chris shares some of his favorite uses for his smartphone as a photographer. Joe shares his hatred for bees.

Our Photography Origin Stories

Joe and Chris talk about what it's like to begin as a photographer and some of the very VERY basic cameras that they started with.

The Power of Printmaking in Photography with Vlad Denko

As photographers, we always want to see our work fully appreciated. Sadly, in today's digital age, photographers often have their work that they put so much time into ...

The Importance of Staying Creative - Photography in Havanah Glen

Joe and Chris practice social distancing by escaping the city and getting out into nature for some photos in a local state park, Havanah Glen.

Adapting to Quarantine Life

In order to practice social distancing during this quarantine, Joe and Chris try their hand at a remote podcast via webchat while discussing how they are adapting to l...

Ben Horne - Landscape Photography on Large Format Cameras

Ben Horne uses a unique tool for his nature and landscape photography. A large format film camera using 8x10 film. It's a form of photography that is one of the oldest...

New Year Goals

2020 is here! Chris and Joe discuss their goals for the new year for their lives and photography businesses. Along with many other somewhat random topics...Enjoy!

National Parks and Travel Photography

Joe talks about his love of the National Parks, Chris discusses traveling for photography and both share their fear of bears.

01 Bokeh Banter Photography Podcast - Winter Photography

Our very first episode! It's really cold here so we wanted to discuss photography during the winter.

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